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Service Status


Accessing Outlook via Laptop and PCs

Some of our colleagues have been unable to access their emails when using the Outlook 2013 client on a Corporate Laptop or PC. This does not affect the Citrix access to email or access via Outlook Web Access (Redmail).  I&DT have been investigating, with Microsoft, and have a resolution which is to upgrade to Outlook 2016. We have been upgrading staff who have contacted us and contacting others who have Outlook 2013 on a laptop or PC and upgrading where required.


An upgrade plan to Office 2016 for corporate laptops and PCs is being developed and will be released at a later date.


If you are having this issue and are waiting to be upgraded, please use Redmail or Outlook in Citrix as a workaround.


MAAS360 while connected to BRC Network (Guest or Corp)

I&DT are investigating an issue where you will be unable to access MaaS360 on the Corporate WiFi via your mobile. Please use a 4G connection for MaaS360 access to your email or OneLogin and Redmail to access email on WiFi