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Service Status


iCentral access issue via IE / Firefox

Some people are experiencing issues accessing iCentral via Internet Explorer and Firefox. The issue is being investigated but in the meantime please use Chrome to access it by going to https://redcross.onelogin.com and clicking on the iCentral tile. You might need to reinstall the Onelogin app, so please do so if prompted and then click on the iCentral tile again. You should be logged into iCentral automatically after that. 

Further updates to follow.


MAAS360 while connected to BRC Network (Guest or Corp)

I&DT are investigating an issue where you will be unable to access MaaS360 on the Corporate WiFi via your mobile. We continue to work with our partners IBM (MaaS360) and TalkTalk Business to resolve the issue but it is taking longer than originally anticipated. In the meantime, if you need to access your email via MaaS360 or OneLogin and Redmail at a Red Cross site, please use a 4G connection.